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What Makes GAMEhud Game Analytics Different?

Built For Games

GAMEhud was built from the ground up to serve the unique needs of games. We chose to implement specific features that benefit game developers in the entertainment, education and simulation industries.

Individual Player Insight

GAMEhud allows you to drill down to see exactly what a specific player in a specific game session did. This allows you to clearly see certain behaviours that can be hidden by player aggregates.

You Own Your Data

Your player data is one of the most valuable assets for your studio. That is why your data is never shared other than to provide you the GAMEhud service. Some other analytics providers offer "free" plans. Be sure to examine how these services use your data.

Game Event Flexibility

GAMEhud allows you to send events with attached properties. Some other analytics providers do not allow this flexibility. Whether you need to send two properties with your event or twenty, we got you covered.

Games That Entrust Their Data With GAMEhud

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