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We have designed a simple and flexible REST API that you can access using HTTP or HTTPS. With this API, you can track all your statistics to successfully monitor your game.


Authentication is handled by sending your game's unique GAME_API_KEY with every request. The GAME_API_KEY is created when you create a new game from the GAMEhud web front-end. If you are concerned about others intercepting your GAME_API_KEY and submitting events using it, we allow you to submit data to our service using HTTPS. However, please be aware that HTTPS does increase the computational load on the client.

Custom Parameters

We allow you to add new custom parameters for data you want to track with each API submission. We add these additional parameters as properties to the resource you are submitting. To distinguish our parameters, we use a prefix of "gh_" which stands for GAMEhud. Be sure to remain consistent in the keys and values of your parameters or we cannot link them up on our end.


Each API resource page includes examples showing how to interact with our API using cURL. As you use these examples, be sure to replace the GAME_API_KEY "0000abcd" with the correct one for your game.