Game Players

Players are the individuals you attach to your game events. You can create players independently through the Player API, but the value comes from attaching them to game events. Players are used heavily to calculate your Game Metrics.

Players Vs. Devices

Before sending players through our API, you should determine if it is better to send devices instead. If you can get a unique player identifier (like from a game on Facebook) or require a login, then sending players is appropriate. However, if you just know someone started playing from a device, you should use devices instead. Don't worry, if we only receive a device identifier, we automatically create a player with the same identifier so all your player stats will be accurate.


For each player, you can attach multiple properties. For example, you might include name or gender. Each of these properties can be searched on through our query interface.

Individual Player Metrics

In addition, to aggregate player metrics, we allow you to drill down and see individual metrics for a player such as game session length, first and last played, and purchase information. You can also see a listing of all properties sent for that player as well as their play session history. Furthermore, you can drill down on each play session to see all the events sent during their session.

Player Metrics

Player API

To learn more about players, be sure to check out our Player API documentation. If you are using Unity, be sure to review our Unity API Wrapper documentation .

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