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Use the Player API to record custom properties for each player of your game. This is typically only used when you have a login for your game. Otherwise you might want to use the Device API. Don't forget to URL encode the strings you submit.

Player API Parameters

Parameter Required? Datatype Description
gh_api_key yes char(256) The unique GAME_API_KEY of your game
gh_player_identifier yes char(256) A string that uniquely identifies a player.
YOUR_CUSTOM no char(256) You can include as many additional custom parameters as you need. These will be stored as properties on the player. Be sure to limit both the parameter name and value to char(256).

POST api/v2/players - Record properties for all of your game players
On Success - returns HTTP status 200 and '0 - Success' in the response text body.
On Failure - returns an appropriate HTTP status code and an error message in the response text body.


curl -d "