Entrepreneur Lessons From Sinestro

written by Creston

The recent Green Lantern film was not a fantastic super hero movie, but throughout the flick I kept comparing the movie's fear versus will motif with the same battle that goes on in the head and spirit of entrepreneurs.

This is especially true during a scene where Sinestro and Hal Jordon spar.  During this scene, Sinestro delivers the following monologue:

"Fear is the enemy of will."
"Will is what makes you take action."
"Fear is what stops you and makes you weak."
"Makes your constructs feeble."
"You must ignore your fear. "
"When you are afraid, you cannot act."
"When you cannot act, you cannot defend."
"If you do not defend, you die."
- Sinestro, The Green Lantern Movie
Here is how I saw this monologue with my entrepreneur hat on.  It takes will to start a business.  It takes action in the face of fear.  Letting the fear of failing or the unknown get the better of you makes you weak.  It makes the service or product you are trying to create and deliver feeble.  You do not necessarily have to ignore your fear, but you have to put it aside and move forward.  For if you are afraid, you become frozen and cannot act.  If you cannot act, you cannot defend your business from forces both external and internal that look to harm it.  If you do not defend it, your business will fail.  
Running a business requires action in the face of fear.  For me, I have found that action helps drive the fear away.  Focus on the actions you need to do today, this week, this month.  Then you have less time to worry.
Now, you really shouldn't ignore your fear because that is just like putting blinders on.  When you are fearful of something, look at it, analyze it and determine what actions you can do to mitigate the fear.  Again, action helps drive away fear - particularly actions that will help avoid results that you fear.
In a nutshell, you need courage.  The ability to act in the face of fear.  This is the same conclusion as the movie.  I encourage you to watch the entire film and compare it to the thoughts you have about running your own business.  
Act in the face of fear.  Be courageous!   
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