GAMEhud Enters Open Beta!

written by Creston

GAMEhud is now in open beta.  To signup for free, head on over to  At this point we consider GAMEhud to be a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It contains the minimum feature set required to go live and for early adopters to use it.  However, even with this minimal feature set, you can still do a lot to manage your live game.  You can track, monitor and analyze game machines, sessions and custom events with high security.  

We are still actively working through our backlog of features so you can expect enhancements on a weekly if not daily basis.  The primary reason we decided to go live at this stage was for FEEDBACK.  We would love it if you signed up for a free account just to give us a try and share your experience.  We want user feedback to help us validate our decisions about what to implement next.  

Lastly, please know that even though we are in open beta, we are putting a special emphasis on having as close to zero downtime as possible.  This is important to me due to my background in system and database administration.  For example, we are implementing a number of solutions to monitor our infrastructure and notify us of any issues affecting our service.  

We have just gotten started but there is so much more to come.  We welcome you to join us!

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