Game Metrics Page

written by Creston

We just rolled out a new game metrics page that allows you to see sixteen key game metrics all on one page.  These metrics start getting calculated as soon as you start sending events through our service.  Here is a sample of what it looks like.

Game Metrics

Each graph shows the last 30 days of activity and the value above the graph is the average for that game metric over the last 30 days.  In addition, you can drill down on each metric to see the last 90 days of activity with averages for the last 1-30, 31-60 and 61-90 days.  The metrics provided include DAU, MAU, the DAU/MAU ratio, new users, 4 daily retention metrics, first time user metrics, Revenue, Number of Purchasers, Conversion Ratio, ARPU and ARPPU.  We are also offering custom game metrics on certain plans.

This is just the first version and we hope to offer more capabilities to this area in the months ahead.  Please take a moment and let us know what you think.

As always, we welcome all comments and suggestions.  If you liked this article, please share it with others.  


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