Website Styling

written by Creston

Most of this past week, I spent time working on the redesign of our website.  Layout wise, it has not changed significantly.  I put most of the work into adjusting the copy and improving the styling.  I freely admit I am not a great designer, but I do what I can with the skills that I have.  Hopefully, you will find the design an improvement over the previous one.  

Internet Explorer Woes

From what I can tell the site looks good in recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.  Recent versions of Internet Explorer look OK.  However, it is amazing the number of HTML 5 and CSS 3 features Internet Explorer 9 does not support.  IE 10 is supposed to be better and is going to be released in the coming weeks, but there is still a big base of IE 8 and IE 9 out there based on my web statistics.  Unfortunately, with our small team, we cannot dedicate time to working around IE's issues to deliver the same experience as the other browsers I mentioned.  So, if you use IE as your default browser, you may want to consider using another one when interacting with our site to get the best experience.

iPad and iPhone Oddities

Unfortunately, even though Safari on windows looks correct, Safari on the iPad and iPhone looks off.  I did some research and it is not due to my viewport settings for the meta tag but something else that causes pages to be rendered differently between Safari on Windows and Safari on iOS.  I do not have access to a Mac but I would like to see how that renders as well.  I will find what is causing the issues eventually, but I have to find a better process for doing design for mobile devices.  What tools or processes do you use to design for mobile?  Do you have any article or book suggestions for the process?

So what do you think of the site redesign?  Do you have any suggestions for improvement?  Leave a comment below!


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