Revenue Game Metrics

written by Creston

This week, we review three of the revenue game metrics that we track for all of your games.  To record these metrics, you just need to send an event with a property called "revenue" with a value that contains the amount of revenue earned.

Total Revenue
Just like it sounds, this metric tracks the total amount of money you have earned from your game by day.

Number of Purchasers
This metric tracks the number of players who have made a purchase (as opposed to the number of purchases) by day.

Payment Conversion Ratio
This metric tracks the percentage of players who made a purchase in your game by day.

These revenue game metrics allow you to monitor your revenue trends over time and identify potential issues before they become big problems.  In our next installment, we will review how we calculate ARPU and ARPPU.

I hope you found this informative.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.  If you found this interesting, please share it using the social media icons below.


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