Expanded Game Metrics Date Ranges

written by Creston

When GAMEhud first went live, we let you look at your game metrics at a 30 and 90 day resolution.  Well, that worked great until we had games older than 90 days!  Now that we have had games on the service for a while, they wanted to be able to compare their current metrics to their launch metrics.  

Thanks to a quick bit of coding, you can now look at your game metrics at a 30, 90, 180, 270 and a 360 day level.  But that is not all!  For those of you intrepid enough to manipulate URL query strings, you can add ?days=X to the end of the metrics page and replace X with however many days you want.

I hope you find this feature beneficial.  We love hearing feedback about how we can make GAMEhud better.  Let us know any time by emailing me or sending in a support request.

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