Happy 2nd Birthday GAMEhud!

written by Creston

Wow, I just realized it is GAMEhud's second birthday!  Two years ago, I made the first commit to GAMEhud.  It has certainly come a long way.  We got the first version of GAMEhud up and running in just six weeks.  It was ugly but it could easily track game events.  We were doing some Unity development at the time so that is the game engine we used to test it and make sure everything worked.

Now finding the first customer took a while.  Months later we found a game developer willing to give it a try.  This was awesome because we got an opportunity for REAL feedback.  So what happened?  I quickly scrapped the old API and redesigned a new one based upon the feedback they were giving me.  We molded it into something they could use.  We tend to do this a lot.  Show what we can do and when we find it is not quite right, change it.

As time moves on, I have seen other companies come and go and we keep slowly growing.  We are now receiving millions of events from hundreds of thousands of players.  I hope we can eventually see BILLIONS of events from MILLIONS of players.  That would be awesome.

In closing, I want to say THANK YOU to our customers.  Without you, GAMEhud would not still be here.  Let us know how we can make you successful.  If you are not successful, we cannot be successful.

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