Game Analytics Backend Improvements

written by Creston

Sorry I have not posted in a while, but we had a flood of traffic from customers and had to work fast to keep up.  We constantly make improvements to our backend to make things better and faster but sometimes we don't anticipate everything.  We had a lot of recent traffic that slowed down event processing for a while, but we are all caught up now.

GAMEhud receives events into a queue system.  This queue system is very fast and we have not come close to hitting its limit yet.  However, actually processing an event from the queue takes a while.  We update a fair number of tables to put all the data where it needs to go for your reports.  This is the process that lagged behind.  We have been able to setup this process to run as multiple workers in parallel across multiple machines if need be.  This should help when we get future traffic spikes.

Next, we plan to upgrade our servers to get a further speed boost.  Our hosting provider Rackspace has new systems that appear much faster than the old ones.  So stay tuned for another speed boost!

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